Suisse Express (BCN-Geneva-BCN in 36 hours)

A week ago I got a call from a friend, apparently it was a normal conversation, but he said he had something to propose to me, (a crazy think I hoped, and so it was).

Let me paraphrase: Dude, you wanna come to Switzerland on Monday and come back the next day at night? To which I answered: Hell yeah!  But how are we gonna go there?  Then he answered: BY CAR!

How could I say no to such a cool plan?! So that's what we did, this Monday we met at 9 and started our express road trip to Geneva with 1548 km to cover ahead! 

But, a couple days before starting our journey, I had an inner dilema: Which camera should I bring? Should I go for 35mm? Medium Format? Slr? Rangefinder? And then I told to myself: Joan, you've been devoted to film photography since the start of the year, you haven't shot a digital camera since (almost) November of 2014, why don't you dust off your little digital travel companion for that occasion? And so I did, I dusted off my beloved Fuji X100 to document the whole experience. (Which after a long time of not using felt like shooting with a new camera and made me think about making a review of my experiences with it but that may come in another post).

Hopefully you can enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the trip, which was short but full of magnificent experiences.


It's a blessing having met a person who shares my passion for getting lost and going to adventures. I want to take the most out of this time when I'm able to leave and make this little escapes on the weekends.

This time the chosen place was Siurana, a little town on the top of a mountain cliff located in the Priorat, a region of Catalonia.

This little town has barely 20 people living there and it's interesting not only for the majestic views of the valley and the lake but for its history, as it was one of the last redoubt places of the muslim domination in Catalonia.

I've got to admit that I felt really isolated and teleported to another time and place rather than being in the 21st century in Catalonia. The sensation of isolation and the immensity of the landscapes were a nice mixture of feelings and sensations.

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