Pau Vallvé

I've been following him for quite a few years and still in all these years for some reason I never went to one of his concerts. This week, at last, coinciding with the presentation in Barcelona of his new album I finally attended one.

This album and concert are something special, he spent a whole year isolated to compose and record the album, somehow was something he needed, and he totally transmitted that to me.

I must say that I identify myself a lot with his music, I could say that many of his songs are the soundtrack of some events of my life so that makes a deep connection between the artist and the fan, in this case, me.

The photos in this post are just my fan photos, I just took the camera out when I felt like so, i don't pretend to sell anything, it's just that I enjoy his music so much that I feel I've got to share what he made me feel.

Aquesta és pels dies bons! I per les nits memorables! Que res no hauria pogut ser millor que avui.

Joan Ollé141211-11.JPG