Quick Update

Well, it's been a long time since I posted something and I don't want you to think that this blog is dead. Not even close.

From the beginning of this year I've been devoted to film photography. Basically I haven't used a digital camera for my personal photography since December of 2014.

I've added one more step into my film photography. Until now I developed my own B&W film at home. Now I've started digitizing myself as well, so I've got complete control over my photos.

Below is one of my first attempts on digitizing film with a dslr and some extension tubes, although this concrete photograph has been made only with a 50mm lens.

Be sure to come back as in these last two months I've been traveling and exploring some places and there are plenty of photos and projects to come to the blog and the web.

 - Hasselblad 500 C/M - Carl Zeis Sonnar 150mm - Ilford HP5+ - Self Developed and scanned -

Norderney on film pt.1

Last summer (2014) I went to Germany, concretely to an Island which I didn't know of its existence, in fact, as my german geography is almost non-existent I didn't even know that Germany had Islands. 

But without even thinking about it (only a few hours ruminating) I accepted the proposition of going there to work (2 months) and therefore improve my german.

I must admit that my relationship with the island is something very peculiar, let me explain why:

I went there completely alone. So, when I arrived there, I found myself in a foreign country, don't know how many km far away from home and with a language which I had barely spoken in the last few months. (Must say it looked promising right?).

So here starts my definition of the island: It's a beautiful and a too small for anyone used to living in a city piece of land (only 12km long and barely 2km wide). And while it's a really beautiful place I had one of the worst experiences there. A few weeks there were like living in hell, countless hours of work and a solitude accompanied by the deserted island after 4-5pm plus it's never summer there( as the weather changed every 2 hours and the temperature was always cold) made an interesting cocktail which I hope to be shown and transmitted in the photos I took, as my only escape and therapy there was to have a bike ride with my cameras and walk walk walk, countless hours of walking in the endless beaches of the island.

Overall I can say it was useful, I learned a lot there (both from life and spiritually, even when having a bad time, that helped me specially) but I say this now, after almost 4 months of being back from there. Nobody can imagine how much I hated that island and how nostalgic it's making me right now to see the photos from it.

After all this amount of words here comes what I think about Norderney: I deeply hate and like this piece of beautiful landscapes hell. 

All the photos have been taken with a Yashica Mat 124G and a Nikon F3 on Kodak Tri-X and Portra 400

Joan Ollé141230-4.JPG
Joan Ollé141230-6.JPG
Joan Ollé141230-12.JPG
Joan Ollé141230-9.JPG