Norderney on film pt.1

Last summer (2014) I went to Germany, concretely to an Island which I didn't know of its existence, in fact, as my german geography is almost non-existent I didn't even know that Germany had Islands. 

But without even thinking about it (only a few hours ruminating) I accepted the proposition of going there to work (2 months) and therefore improve my german.

I must admit that my relationship with the island is something very peculiar, let me explain why:

I went there completely alone. So, when I arrived there, I found myself in a foreign country, don't know how many km far away from home and with a language which I had barely spoken in the last few months. (Must say it looked promising right?).

So here starts my definition of the island: It's a beautiful and a too small for anyone used to living in a city piece of land (only 12km long and barely 2km wide). And while it's a really beautiful place I had one of the worst experiences there. A few weeks there were like living in hell, countless hours of work and a solitude accompanied by the deserted island after 4-5pm plus it's never summer there( as the weather changed every 2 hours and the temperature was always cold) made an interesting cocktail which I hope to be shown and transmitted in the photos I took, as my only escape and therapy there was to have a bike ride with my cameras and walk walk walk, countless hours of walking in the endless beaches of the island.

Overall I can say it was useful, I learned a lot there (both from life and spiritually, even when having a bad time, that helped me specially) but I say this now, after almost 4 months of being back from there. Nobody can imagine how much I hated that island and how nostalgic it's making me right now to see the photos from it.

After all this amount of words here comes what I think about Norderney: I deeply hate and like this piece of beautiful landscapes hell. 

All the photos have been taken with a Yashica Mat 124G and a Nikon F3 on Kodak Tri-X and Portra 400

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